Music is my passion. Cats are my love. Tattoos are my decoration. Caffiene is my water. Life is being lived always and risks are taken when needed. My name is Chad, and this is my lame blog.
Title rant

I just gotta say, that everybody defines fucking everything. “Oh, I have to go to History class”, “Oh, I love Cheetos”. Why isn’t it just class? Why does it have to be a specific chip type? Why does it have to be so fucking specific?; it shouldn’t. Maybe it’s because of my ‘classified’ gender that I think of titles more then maybe the quote on quote average person, but just why? Yeah, it makes it easier to know what people are talking about, and it’s nice to group common things together. But easy isn’t always the answer to life. Life is hard as shit and it’s full of challenges, so why can’t we challenge ourselves to not label every single fucking thing. I’m tired of rights and wrongs, and shoulds and shouldn’ts. Why can’t everything just…be. Why can’t we just live our lives without these stupid titles on everything. It seems like there are a hundred types of water; it’s fucking water! I feel like everything use to be so simple. What the hell happened?

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